Stop Fake

Please be careful what you are pinning! Especially newbies don't know, what to do. Exactly the same happened to me when I start pinning in 2010. Times have changed.

Today it's important to check the pinners profile & the source.
Some pinners lead you to dubious websites and change the source of pins.
Pins from Brilliant Luxury or Emmy DE will lead you to original sources - always!
Give credit where credit is due.
If you come across pins signed by Brilliant Luxury or Emmy DE which redirect you to selling websites of fake products like
or ...

Please don't hesitate to report this pins to Pinterest 
Likewise check sites & report on Christian Louboutin
I'm not alone with this problem. Several pinners are involved. It's annoying to report lot's of pins every day. Pinterest will do the best to solve this problem. Please assist us fighting against SPAM and let us make Pinterest a safer place where we can have FUN.
Thank you!

by Emmy DE